8 miles done…

Well, that is the first 8 miles of the marathon training done… Only 457 to go until the finish line ! The temptation to do too much too soon is quite high, but I do remember what happened last year and would like to try and avoid injury if possible. At this stage it is getting in to the routine of the regular runs without getting carried away (if it says 3 miles then stick to 3 miles !)

Just doubled checked the training plan to make sure I hadn’t accidentally scheduled a long run on Christmas Day… I haven’t, just a 3 mile run !

Running makes me feel good and it makes me feel as though I’m achieving something and this helps me be more positive with the rest of life.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to more runs with Millie this week. I’m going to need to find some slightly longer routes that we can do together. While I’m marathon training I’m planning on taking Millie with me on the short 3-5 mile runs and doing these all off road. No doubt she will come back full of energy and I will be the knackered one….

So, this is a photo taken on one of our daily dog walks……

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