Yay ! I have a plan :)

Well, after much debate and writing / re-writing I have a marathon training plan…. the scary thing is that it starts next week… and I need to follow it religiously until next April.

It involves running a total of 465 miles…. now that is a long way….. it is about the distance from here to Edinburgh. If someone suggested that I run to Edinburgh then I would think they are mad. But I’m not just doing this for fun, I’m doing it to raise money for a cause that I really believe in, for an organisation that stand up for people whose voices may not be heard otherwise, for people that may stay imprisioned and forgotten. So, for each mile that I run I will be glad that I am free to run; and glad that we still live in a country that has free speech.

If you would like to see how I’m doing then click on the Brighton Marathon 2013 link at the top of this site; if you would like to sponsor me then click here 🙂

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