Be Yourself….

Although I haven’t been running as much as I would like I have been walking about 3 miles every day with Millie.

It was really lovely to be able to get out for a long run on Sunday over the South Downs. I’m still really enjoying running without music and tuning in to myself and my surroundings.

It is easy to compare yourself to others; look at how fast other people run, how far they run and how it seems effortless… But all we actually see of people is the little bit on the surface, not everything else underneath.

We are not all going to break records like Paula Radcliffe or Mo Farah but you can’t have a winner if there is only one person in a race. I love taking part in some of the larger races and seeing the wide variety of people that run for just as wide a variety of reasons. People who want to beat their own times, people that want to beat their own daemons and people that run for a cause…. The people that look like they’ve stepped off the cover of a glossy magazine at the finish, the people in fancy dress and the people that look REALLY glad to finish.

We are all different 🙂

I have stopped chasing times and I’m just enjoying the running, savouring the scenery and enjoying the conversations with other runners, cyclists, dog walkers…… and the pigs. I have found myself starting to chat to the pigs that I run past, and the sheep, and the cows. I don’t know if this is a habit I should worry about (or maybe I should only start worrying when they reply !) but the pigs in particular always look so chilled….

Anyway, these are the pigs on Sundays run 🙂

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