Do you ever have one of those days where you realise you have just done too much ?

For me this evenings run has been just that. I was planning 8 miles and completed 4.6. From the moment I started running it just felt wrong. Moving my legs seemed like hard work and I just couldn’t seem to get going.

Looking back over the last couple of weeks I think I just haven’t had the rest in between runs that I should have done. I didn’t exactly take it easy after the half marathon and today was my third day running in a row, with no rest day after Sundays long run.

Perhaps the rhubarb crumble and cream lunchtime didn’t help either…..

So, I’m taking a day off running tomorrow, I’ll be at the running club Thursday evening and then rest Friday & Saturday before my long run Sunday afternoon. That will still total 24/25 miles this week.

And in future I will take a day off after my long runs 🙂

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