What a beautiful morning !

Well, I’m back and recovered from this mornings run and all I cam say is wow, what a beautiful morning !

Today was the first day I have been running in shorts and t-shirt…. The last time I ran in shorts was at school in the 80’s…. When I started out I did wonder if I had been a bit optimistic but as continued running the haze started clearing and the sun came out 🙂

Today’s run also felt really good. After a bad run Tuesday I did wonder how I would get on today but everything felt good. I still have a few little niggles like the blisters that I have started getting again on the side of one foot… and a few muscles that still ache from the hill training with the club Thursday night but after the first couple of miles everything started to come together…I even found the hills easier than before. The ground has dried out a lot in the last week, the section through the woods is still very muddy but when I pick up the South Downs Way the paths are now relatively mud free and drying out quite quickly. It looks as though the farmers have been along and flattened them out in places, it has got rid of the deep troughs but they are very uneven at the moment, I guess they will soon be flattened by the various walkers and runners !

In the last steep section that I run down back in to Steyning they have cattle grazing on the Downs as part of the conservation of the downland. The cattle eat the long grass and that allows the other chalk downland plants to flourish. I am always a little wary of them because they are big… although these ones do seem quite calm and friendly.

Anyway, this week I have run a total of 27.31 miles bringing my total for the month so far to 103.55 miles, so I have now passed the 100 miles a month mark for the first time ever… And there are still a few days of March left 🙂

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