Footprints in the snow…..

It has been quite a good week this week and I have run a total of 26.25 miles including a long cross country today of 10.74 miles… It was very cold and started snowing at one point, luckily not the whole route is that exposed. Funnily enough I didn’t see that many other people whilst running… Some weeks I meet loads of other walkers, runners and cyclists, a few lost people, people with dogs and children but today there was hardly anyone.

When the weather is like this I think that the cross country routes are safer than the pavements. While the main roads round here are quite clear the pavements have become sheet ice… The fields aren’t walked through as much and in general on the paths the snow isn’t as compact. I’m still not that good with the hills, I can see I am getting better but some days it just seems like hard work…

Next Saturday is Christmas so I don’t think I will get to do the same mileage I have this week, hopeful the ice will clear a bit off the pavements so in can do my road routes in the evenings… And I will have to see if I can rearrange my running to fit in a long run or two mid week…. I know that Christmas and the new year will come and go and then it wont be that many weeks until the half marathon. I still have a lot to do.

These photos were taken on my iPhone over the last two days running…