Still muddy !

It may be muddy but at least we have lost the treacherous Ice from the pavements making it a bit easier to get out running in the evenings. I must admit I’m really looking forward to the light summer evenings.. I also never know what to wear when it is cold.. I start off feeling cold but the I warm up quite quickly and feel hot… But as soon as I stop I feel cold again.

I’m still trying to find the best way of avoiding blisters… I’ve been getting them on the arches of my feet since switching to orthotics insoles. I don’t know how long it normally take to run them in and for your feet to get used to them… Vie found taping my feet with elastic plaster tape the best solution so far, I can run without getting the enormous blisters I had been getting, at the end of a long run they feel sore but I can still walk on them.

Somedays I do wonder if running will ever start to feel any easier, I know it will if I stick at it but somedays it just seems hard work ! I’m currently trying to run 20 miles a week and then gradually increase it so I’m running 30-40 miles a week by the time I come to run the half marathon in March….. With Christmas, the New Year and a few work commitments in January I know it is going to be difficult to keep up with the mileage. I have been having my long run on a Sunday but may need to change this over Christmas… The difficulty is then hours of daylight and fitting it in round work… I guess it is a case of watch this space !

Anyway, this week has been quite a good week. I have managed a total of 22.57 miles split over 4 runs with my long run today of 10.65 miles.. I ran a slightly different route today and had to stop a couple of time to look at the maps on the GPS to make sure I hadn’t gone wrong and try and workout which way I should be going. I know I went bit wrong at one point but managed to pick up the right path and carry on 🙂 it was still incredibly muddy and some parts I ended up walking becuase of the amount and depth of the mud, and that is without anymore rain or snow all week. Some other parts were still frozen solid and the snow was still filling some of the ditches… But with blue sky and sunshine it really was a great day for a run !

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