Running safely….

I am always slightly surprised by some peoples reactions when they find out I run, primarily on my own, over the South Downs or *gasp* in the dark…. and they tell me I shouldn’t do this…

With everything you do in life there are risks and you do always have to consider your personal safety but it shouldn’t stop you doing what you really want, just be aware of the risks and plan properly.

99% of the population are really wonderful people that will go out of their way to help someone else. The 1% who are not most probably won’t be in the middle of the South Downs !

Then you can use technology, I use a great app called runmeter for my iPhone, it not only talks to me and tells me how far I have run and how long it has taken, it also emails my husband every 10 mins with the same info and a map link showing where I am. So, if I hurt myself he knows where to start looking and I know that within 10 mins he will know something is wrong…. And hopefully phone me !

I also plan the routes that I run.. On each long run there are a couple of points accessible by car so I can always phone for a lift if need be 🙂 I also have routes that can be shortened so if the weather changes I can cut the run short….. I also make sure that someone also knows the route I’m planning on running.

It is all common sense really.

A bit like running with a bum bag that contains a wind proof / waterproof jacket, snack bars, blister plasters, water etc… Plus money just in case !

I love the area that I live in and have seen far more of it since I started running. The breathtaking scenery and watching the countryside grow and change throughout the seasons is worth more than anything money can buy. It is exhilarating and relaxing, it is also cheaper than gym membership !

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