A difficult week….

Well due to the weather this week I have only managed two runs totalling 10.85 miles…. Only just over half of my target of 20 miles. The weather really has been too bad for me, a mix of icy pavements and very deep snow in the fields. I did a short 2.5 mile run through the fields in the snow and found it quite hard going, it is a route I haven’t run for a couple of months and I was pleased that despite the snow I did manage to run more of it than I ever had before, sometimes I don’t seem to see any improvement for weeks at a a time then all of a sudden I will notice an improvement….

Today’s run was over the South Downs, I was planning 10 miles but cut it short to 8.4 miles because a mix of deteriorating weather conditions, the temperature started to drop quite quickly and I could see fog coming in, whilst I know the area quite well I also know how disorientating fog can be and how easily you can get lost… I also started to get a pain in the back of my right calf and thought that continuing to run on it may be foolish.. Today also has to be the worst conditions I have ever run in. Ankle deep slushy mud that mad it difficult to keep your footing when walking yet alone running… Mixed with the wet ice on some of the steeper slopes made it a very interesting run ! A million miles from the warm sunny summer evenings…..

This is a photo taken on my iPhone at the point I decided to cut the run short…..

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