Snow !

Well, I shouldn’t be here today, I should be in Leamington Spa but after nearly 3 hrs for a journey that normally takes 40 mins I turned round and headed for home…. 5 1/2 hrs after leaving I was back where I started.

When I woke up this morning it was snowing… And it has been snowing all day… So I thought wouldn’t it be great to go for a run ! I suppose it is the child in me, any excuse to play in the snow so innate just got back from a 2.5 mile run through the fields at the foot of the South Downs. It is fair to say didn’t appreciate how hard running in snow can be, especially when it is more than ankle deep. As well as the practicalities of having to really puck your feet up you can’t see where the paths are… Or the rabbit holes…. Or the ice covered puddles that break as soon as you run on them…

I’m glad I went out running. It has made me appreciate how much easier the road runs that I have been doing are compared to the cross country routes… And how much more training I still need to do.

This photo was taken with my iPhone and converted to black and white on the phone…

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