Freezer Bag Meals

Well, after my experiment with the porridge I thought I’d try something a bit more adventurous. I started reading up online and found out about Freezer Bag Meals. These are meals that can be cooked by adding hot water to the ingredients in a freezer bag. The advantages are that you don’t have any washing up to do, each freezer bag is a sized portion, you know what is in each one. The commercial freeze dried meals cost about £6 each so my aim is to make meals that cost a fraction of this price but are still just as easy to prepare.

Most of the recipes that I have found are US based but they have been very useful for inspiration. The first thing that I decided to try is Couscous with Tuna.


100g couscous
1 sachet miso soup mix (for one person)
1 80g tin of “no-drain” tuna – I used John West Tuna with chilli and garlic


Put the dried couscous in a 1l freezer bag (I used an IKEA freezer bag). Carry the Tuna & Miso soup in their original packaging.
When you are ready to eat squeeze the Miso soup mix in to the bag with the Couscous and add 150ml boiling water. Mix well and leave to stand until the couscous is soft. Mix in the Tuna and eat !

Calories per portion : 555
Cost : £2.40 (the most expensive ingredient is the Tuna)

I’ve been testing these on my husband at lunchtimes; his feedback was that it tasted good and kept him going all afternoon doing the gardening so I think this is one to keep !

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