Game on !

On Monday I went out for my last long run before the marathon… I delayed this by a day because of work and not wanting to start it tired and dehydrated….

I planned to use this run to test my refuelling strategy and also to make sure my hot weather running gear didn’t rub in any uncomfortable places. It was also a chance to run a long run in the trainers that I will be wearing on race day. Note the word WILL be wearing 🙂

I managed to run the full 18 miles without any major problems. My knee still isn’t right and I will be back to the physio this week but it only caused me “discomfort” rather than acute pain…. So, I will be there on the start line, as nervous as hell to run my first ever marathon.

Monday’s run started out in fog and finished in brilliant sunshine, it was good practice for running in warmer weather although who knows at this point what the weather will be doing in the next 2-3 weeks….

I am still having to keep the speed down so my 4:00 – 4:30 target is well and truly out the window and I am more likely going to be 5:00 – 5:30 but to be honest I don’t really care, I’m just pleased that I will make it to the start line.

My race number has arrived, so now all I need to do is iron my name on my tee shirt and decide what to wear…. (really the choice is between shorts and 3/4 length trousers) I have run long runs in both so it will depend more on the temperature on the day.

I also had my first ever ice bath this week, something I never though I would do and it did provide Phill with some amusement to watch me sitting fully dressed in a very cold bath drinking ovaltine…. The sad thing is I found it quite enjoyable…. Not sure that is quite right ! The theory behind ice baths is that it forces the blood back to your muscles and helps speed up the healing process, but you do need to spend 10-15 minutes sitting in it and you mustn’t get straight in to a warm bath or shower afterwards; hence the reason I was fully dressed, trying to keep my top half warm while my legs enjoyed the chill. I must admit I have got to the stage when I will try almost anything if it helps me stay running.

So, I now begin my taper, cutting down my mileage each week to let my legs recover so that I start the marathon rested. I will be keeping up with the physio, massage, foam roller and ice baths so that I do manage to start the marathon.

I have lots of people who will be along the route to support me, some I know well and some I have never met before in my life, but they will all be there to encourage me.

I will be running this marathon in memory of Phills brother and sister, Derek and Pauline, and to raise money for the myotonic dystrophy support group, there is still time to sponsor me using the just giving link on this blog…..

This photo is the foggy start to my run…. And then my race number 🙂

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