National Lottery Olympic Park Run

Yesterday I was lucky enough to spend the day at the Olympic Stadium with Holly & Dorian. Holly was one of the lucky 5,000 to take part in a 5 mile run round the Olympic Park and be one of the first to cross the finishing line in the Olympic Stadium.

After all the wonderful sunshine we had during the week it was decidedly cool, overcast and windy but that didn’t dampen anyones enthusiasm.

This is most probably the only chance I will get to go to the Olympic Stadium, I don’t have tickets for any of the events and if it ends up as a football stadium I doubt I will ever go there !

The Stadium has an 80,000 capacity; yesterday there were 15,000 people there…. it was quite a queue to get in and go through the airport style security. We were all sent a long list of things that we couldn’t take with us… or wear.. including anything that made a political statement. This does make me wonder what sort of country we are living in; this is the sort of level of control and censorship that we would have said was unacceptable in communist China, but it is here, now, in the UK…

I think it s fair to say that there is still a fair amount of building work to finish, I guess being late with this project is not an option !

Due to all the security controls and restrictions I only took my handbag camera with me; these are just a couple of the photographs that I took, I still need to look through the rest and also the video !

It was a fantastic atmosphere and lots of the runners were stopping to take photos or holding their cameras out to film themselves running !

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