Running Style

As part of me trying to “fix” me and make sure the ITB problems with my knee don’t come back Phill filmed me running to see what my foot strike looks like. We have a very high frame rate camera that we use for work so he used this to film me….

Slow motion running from Lisa Beaney on Vimeo.

It was very interesting showing this film to a few different people and the different conclusions… However, the physio says that looking at this, and from what he has found, that the problem is with one hip and the way that I have been sitting for the last few years. He is confident that he can sort this all out for me and that IF if do what he says then the problems are very unlikely to re-occur.

I also had a good chat with him about barefoot running, something that I have been quite keen on trying. His advice to me is don’t. With my bone and muscle structure he said all I will do is damage my cartilage and that I NEED cushioning in my trainers if I am going to continue distance running.

I must admit it has been very enlightening talking to him about my running and the various minor niggles I have had, it looks as though they all have a common cause, but, luckily for me, it is all “fixable”.

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