When not to run

1. When you have a hangover

I know it sounds obvious really, but I have tried it and it really isn’t a pretty sight. One particular New Years Day run springs to mind…… On a more serious note you will most probably be dehydrated from the alcohol before you start as well as tired, possibly with a very “uncertain” stomach and a headache… Start running and you may very well wish you hadn’t.

2. On a rest day

I know the temptation, a lovely day, you feel great and someone says why don’t you come out for a run ? The danger is that you don’t replace your rest day…. And before you know it you are running 7 days a week without a break.

Your body NEEDS time to rest, recover and repair between runs, if you don’t do this then you may it hurt yourself this week or next week but gradually you will find those niggles don’t go away and before you know it you have developed an overuse injury…

3. When something hurts

If it hurts, stop running. I don’t mean the normal aching muscle feeling, but when something starts hurting that doesn’t normally ache, or if an ache starts turning in to a pain then stop ! If you don’t stop then you may not just miss one or two runs but potentially months of running…

Go and see your doctor or a sports physio and take their advice. If they tell you to take a break from running then do so; they may tell you that it is ok to continue if you can put up with it hurting but pain is your bodies way of letting you know something is wrong. Don’t ignore it….. What starts as a strain/pain can end up as a stress fracture that will take months to heal. If you even suspect a fracture don’t run on it !

PS I’m not a doctor, or medically qualified, always seek a professional opinion rather than just what you read on the Internet or what your mates say 🙂

I’m sure there are other times when you shouldn’t run….. But these are my top 3

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