Hills, hills and more hills !

I suddenly realised I haven’t update my blog for a couple of weeks… life has been a bit busy !

As well as my own running sorting out the running group takes a bit of time and this is also the busiest month of the year work wise and anyone who is self employed knows that when the work is there you take it !

Anyway, this week has been a week of accidental hill training. I didn’t plan it, it just worked out that way !

I’ve been trying to fit running in to my life so that I don’t upset everyone at home by being out running all the time and knackered when I’m not… so, on Monday Holly invited us over to her house for a BBQ….. Holly’s house is about a 10 min drive away…. or a 5 mile run 🙂 The only problem with the run is the massive great hill that you run up for the first 2.5 miles. This hill is over 650ft from sea level… and my house is only about 40ft above sea level…. Two miles takes you to about 270ft and then by 2.6 miles you are at over 650ft so you get the kind of hill I mean. I had also run this particular hill the previous Friday…. It was a lovely run though and great to be able to get out in shorts 🙂

Tuesday was my beginners group so I never actually run that far or that fast…

Thursday was the main SAC coached session… and it was hill training. So, off we all went and spent the evening running up and down a particularly nasty hill. Well, it is a lovely hill to sit on, have a picnic and admire the view but running up and down it in the wind and rain isn’t the sort of thing that most sane people choose to do. But then I think I realised a long time ago that anyone that gets in to running isn’t what the rest of the population would call sane !

That brings us to this evening….. and I had been planning a nice gentle FLAT 9 mile run down by the river. But then Millie looked at me. She started bouncing round the office despite a walk earlier with her doggy friend Daisy…. I have a long day at work tomorrow so I know she won’t get a long walk…. so, instead of a gentle 9 miles I ended up doing “that” hill again as part of a 6 mile route that I know Millie enjoys. It was really windy running along the top of the Downs, but lovely and sunny.

I guess the river run will have to wait until next week…. and I’m planning on leaving the hills as something to be admired as a view at least until next Friday !

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