This and that….

Well, It has been nearly two weeks since the marathon. My legs have stopped aching and I’m missing the running !

I have still be running but I have kept the miles right down to give my body a chance to recover 🙂

I am now planning my next goals and the training that I will need to get there….

I am going to carry on running marathons, I know before the last one I said never again but I felt so much stronger this time round and I know I have it in me to improve on my time so I am going to carry on. I think I am lucky that I am able to run. Since the events at the Boston Marathon and the lad that died whilst running Brighton I realise how lucky I am that I am able to run. I may not always be able to.

Because I want to run faster I need to change my training a bit. I got thrown off track a bit last year, we all have things that crop up in our lives that knock us sideways sometimes but it is our own strength that means we can overcome them and carry on.

I have a couple of races booked in over the summer, just shorter 10k’s, one on road and one off road and I hope that I will be able to improve my times for these.

The next races that I will be training for will be a 10 mile road run and a half marathon in the Autumn; again I would like to beat my PB for the half marathon.

Beginners Group

The beginners group that I have started with Steyning AC is going from strength to strength with new people joining each week. I must admit that I’m really enjoying running it !

I am booked of a First Aid for Run Leaders course in a few weeks time, hopefully something that I won’t need to put in to practice….

I didn’t realise how much planning and admin was involved in running the group initially, making sure I have up to date contact details, medical details, next of kin info etc to make sure that my insurance covers me…

In addition to that I need to do a risk assessment before each group session and keep a log of what we planned to do, what we actually did and any other relevant info.

I still love it though and I’m also learning so much more about human biology, physiology and running than I thought possible !

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