Iliotibial Band Syndrome

I have been reading up on how to fix my knee problem…. That turns out not to be my knee but my IT band…. I’m hoping that a mix of stretching, specific exercises, sports massage, ibuprofen and a knee strap will keep me running.

I have cut the running right down this week, ok, so far this week I have run a grand total of 2.5 miles….. All this in the hope that I can get my IT band back to a state that means I can still run this marathon.

Last weekends half marathon really did show me that it is FAR more painful running downhill, to the point I had to walk. Luckily Brighton is predominantly flat…

From what I have read I *should* be able to get this under control enough to continue training, but it may hurt…..

Anyway, these are a couple of articles I have found so far..

I only have three more long runs to do before cutting down the mileage for the final two weeks of training….

So, no more racing between now and then and I must keep the pace down on all other runs…..

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