Hanging in there!

Well, after quite a restful week (2.5 miles tues & 4 miles thurs) I thought I would head out for my long run today. It should have been 18 miles but I cut it short at 17 because my knee was getting more painful….

It was a lovely morning and I met more runners today than I have for a long time 🙂

It is only 5 weeks now until the marathon and if I’m honest I’m not yet sure if I will be running it. I’m going to boom an appointment with the doctor tomorrow and see what his advice is regarding my knee. I think it is fair to say I will be fairly gutted if I have to pull out at this stage but I don’t want to risk serious injury and be off running for months by continuing….

So, the plan is out the window and it will be re-written depending on the advice I get tomorrow…..

These are a couple of photos taken on my run today 🙂

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