Just a quick update

Well, according to my GP I haven’t done any serious damage to my knee, the joint looks ok, the cartilage is fine and the kneecap is fine. He thinks the pain is being caused by an inflamed tendon. The downside is he doesn’t know what is causing it so he has referred me to a physio who should be able to help, as my GP said “if anyone can get you round this marathon he can”.

The other slight problem is that my appointment isn’t until next week. Until then I am keeping the mileage right down (honest !) I’m just running 2-3 miles twice during this week and maybe 4-5 miles at the weekend depending on how my knee feels.

It is really hard because I know my tendon needs time to recover from whatever has hurt it but I also need to get the mileage in for training, but, if my knee isn’t right I won’t be running anyway ! Aaarghhhh !

So, temporary plan…… I need to be able to run 18 miles without my knee causing a major problem in the next 2 weeks if I am going to be able to run the marathon.

Will I be able to do it ? At this point in time I just don’t know.

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