It’s been a bit busy lately

I know, that is no excuse for not updating my blog but finding the time to fit everything in can be hard sometimes !

Marathon training is now back on track 🙂 I had a bit of a wobble in Jan; I had an Achilles injury and was really worried that it was going to derail my training completely, especially as it had been going so well !

One good thing about logging my runs is that I could look back and see when it started. The first time I had problems was after the Great South Run in October…. Just before that I had changed my trail shoes to a low heel drop variety thinking I would progress to a more barefoot style. My Achilles didn’t start getting any worse, it was more of a niggle at this point, until I changed my road shoes as well. Apart from them trying to rub holes in the back of one ankle they did feel comfortable but my Achilles got worse until a point just after Christmas when it was too painful to run on.

I took a week off running that coincided with a week working away and went for one of the best gait analysis that I have ever had done at the London Marathon Store. I talked through my running history and injuries and then was photographed and filmed, had my feet moulds taken and tried on lots of trainers. After everything I had read about Achilles injuries and looking back at what I had changed it seemed too much of a coincidence that I had changed trainers and then had problems.

The really interesting thing is that I have been told I’m a neutral runner. Yes, my left foot rolls in a bit when I land but not enough to need the stability shoes that I’ve Bennett running in for years after being advised that I need them from various running shops…..

So, I now have bright pink trainers and I’m back out running !

It has been raining a lot and it has been hard sometimes to motivate myself to get out but my long runs are now long….. I’m up to running about 30 miles a week and my Achilles is feeling better every day 🙂

These are a few of my recent running photos. I won’t leave it so long next time !

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