The end of another year……

Well, I’m sitting writing this with a glass of wine in front of the log burner with the two dogs asleep by my feet. To be honest I can’t think of a better way to see the New Year in !

This year has been quite a year, in total I have run 1,092 miles lots of them off road in all sorts of conditions. At the start of the year we had snow and ice.. And the end of the year mud and rain ! There have been lots of beautiful sunrises, sunsets and gorgeous runs over the South Downs.

I think that I’m really lucky to live where I do and get out and take advantage of it. I don’t ever want to turn round one day when I can’t run any more and wish that I had tried; I want to turn round and remember what it felt like even in the mud and rain, it just makes to u feel so alive !

This year I have qualified as a Run Leader and I’m well on the way to become a fully qualified endurance running coach, something I would have never thought possible a few years ago.

So, as one year end and another begins I think it is fair to say that none of us knows what tomorrow holds, all we can do is live life to the full today 🙂

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