I’ve fallen out of love……

Well, I have fallen out of love with road running. I'm not sure exactly when it happened but it has. The thought of road racing doesn't fill me with excitement but more of a "oh well here we go" type feeling. I have two more road races booked for this year and I will run them but after that I think that will be that for a while. Knowing me sooner or later I will change my mind but at the moment I just can't see the appeal of running on roads when you can run on hills, through mud and generally have great fun rather than just Tarmac….

I think the last two races have shown me what I love doing and that is real off road running. The Wimbledon half was good fun, and where else can you run a half marathon and get a hug from a womble at the end of it !

Last Saturday I was in my element for the Brutal 10. A true off road race with bogs, lakes and sand thrown in

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