Never say never (a new dawn ?)

Hello 🙂

I know I said goodbye to this blog but you know I've missed writing it. Sometimes it is nice to have something that can be a bit more personal….

I also know that back in April I said that I wouldn't be running a marathon next year…. That seems quite a long time ago and my plans have changed somewhat. If I'm honest I think I've been missing the long runs so when Phill suggested that I run the Steyning Stinger full marathon next year I think I had my training plan finished before he had finished speaking !

I've also been doing quite a bit of thinking while I've been running… Sometimes I know I don't admit (sometimes even to myself) what my "dreams" and goals are. With me I think it is fear of failure. What if I don't achieve it, what if I try and fail, what will everyone think ? Something happened this weekend that changed that for me. It showed me that not trying is selling your self short. Failing to achieve your goal doesn't mean that you have failed or that people will think less of you. It just means that you haven't got there yet. Not trying is failing….

So, a new dawn….. And a new goal. I want to run an Ultra. If I'm honest with myself I think this is something I have wanted to do for quite a long time, I just didn't think that is something that people like me did, but if I don't try then I don't stand any chance of success…

I have a rough plan in place, the Steyning Stinger is part of that, and then I need to look at my work schedule and race schedules next year to find an ultra to work towards. I know it won't be any spectacular time, but for me just to finish will be enough….

So, this blog is back and I'll keep you up to date with my training for my "dream" goal 🙂

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