Moving on….

Well, this is a slightly different post for me…. It is actually a farewell to this blog….

I have been writing this for nearly four years now tracking my journey from couch potato to running coach  and it has been somewhere for me to post random photos as well as my thoughts on running, racing and what I have been doing but it is now time for me to move on….

Don’t worry, it isn’t goodbye though 😉 I have been busy behind the scenes setting up a new coaching business and it makes more sense for me to keep all my running things together on one site so that I’m not trying to write the same thing in different places so please pop along to my brand new coaching website to see what I am up to ! I also have a new Facebook Page ( a bit empty at the minute but I will be adding to it), so it would be great if you could “like” it and spread the word !

Anyway, this site will be staying here for the foreseeable future…. it just won’t be getting any more updates…..

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