Video analysis of running technique

Video analysis of running technique

So why is video analysis of running technique so useful ? Well, basically it allows us to slow things right down and see exactly how the body is moving as you run. Using high frame rate cameras I can capture your running technique from several different angles and analyse it to see how you can improve your running technique. Running is all about using your strength and energy in the most efficient manor to propel you forwards.

Video analysis can also be used to spot things within your running style that may lead to injury. Then, by using a variety of drills, stretches and other exercises these injuries can then be prevented. By freeze framing the video I can also use tools within the software to measure the angle of your legs or draw a line from head to toe so that you can also see how you are running.

By videoing you running again several weeks later I can compare the changes in your running technique to see the impact that the training has had.

I can also share these videos with you so that you have a record of your improvement 🙂

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