Mud and Colds

Well, last week I ended up with one of the many colds that are going round at the moment. I knew I was going down with something when I ran the race on the Monday…. That is part of the reason I didn’t push too hard… I was pleased to find my official time was 51:53 and I scored 5 points for my club. This gives me a new target… To be scoring at least 6 points for the club in this race series before the end of the year !

Anyway, I missed a few days running and took it fairly easy for the rest of the week. I still made it out for my long run on Sunday with the marathon training group. 10 very hilly miles, I’m really not sure that they could have found more hills in one route anywhere round here ! Luckily it was dry, not too windy and not too cold… I’ve been testing a new bottle belt to run with, it is a bit lighter than my camelbak waist pack and doesn’t bounce around as much. It still has a pocket at the front for my phone and elasticated bits I can put gels etc in.

I also received an email last night letting me know that my race number for my next half marathon is in the post and that it is only 5 weeks away !! I know the next 5 weeks will go quickly…. And then before I know it there will only be a few weeks left before the marathon. 

This week is going to be a bit of a low running week because I’m away for work for a fair chunk of it, not sure if I will get any opportunity to run so I’m going to try and fit some longer runs in before I go…
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