Out with the old and in with the new…

Well, the end of 2011 and the start of 2012….

My last run of 2011 was a nice gentle 5.3 miles along the river on New Years Eve, stopped for a chat with another member of the running club that I bumped in to along the way… a really lovely way to end my running in 2011..

So, a few stats…

Total miles run : 1,230.97
4 Half Marathons run
3 10K races
1 5k Race for Life
and half a dozen other club/WSFRL races…..

I have new PB’s:

Half Marathon : 2:03:57
10K : 52:25
5K : 25:40

So, all in all quite a good year…

2012 has started with me having my annual cold, if I was male it would be classed as Man Flu, but I’m female so it obviously wasn’t THAT bad 🙂 I did mean that I took it a bit easy for todays race… that and having had a few glasses of something last night to celebrate my birthday…

It was a lovely race, quite hilly and muddy with some deep puddles (all the better for running through !) and I was quite pleased with my time of 52:01 on my Garmin for the 5:08 miles. Even though it was a bit chilly it was wonderful sunshine and clear blue skies, I had stopped feeling cold by the time I got to the top of the first hill and the views were amazing.

So, quite a good start to 2012. I have two half marathons coming up before the Brighton Marathon and I’m hoping to do a few other shorter races as well, I just need to see how it will all fit in with my work and marathon schedule, especially when the long runs become longer…..

Anyway, this is a photo from my last run of 2011.

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