Mud, mud…. and more mud !

Well, after being away with work for most of last week and not having any time to run (on my feet for 8 hrs a day though !) it was good to get back and fit in a couple of runs over the South Downs with Holly.

We went out the Sunday before I went away in torrential rain and almost gale force winds for an 8 mile run across the Downs in a circular route from her house. I think that has to be the wettest run I have done so far and I certainly haven’t seen that much water on the Downs before.

This week was a bit better, it didn’t start raining until half way round and the wind wasn’t quite as strong. Also, a lot of what had just been running water had now turned to mud…..

On the plus side my new trail trainers have been well and truly broken in and certainly don’t look new any more !

I will be racing at the weekend (I’m away again for most of this week with work) I haven’t tried running “fast” for quite a while.. all my training so far this year has been geared at distance. I have also been taking it easy for the last few weeks to give my body a chance to recover from the marathon so I guess now is the time to start to step it up a gear 🙂

This photo is the very nice Lincolnshire fire brigade that turned up when out hotel was evacuated at 3:30am one morning last week…. not running related but finding your clothes in the dark and getting out quick must be good training for something !

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