Optimal training paces..

Well, now I’ve just about recovered from the Marathon I want to look at improving my 10K time so I have been looking at my optimal training paces. I put everything in to a pace calculator and came up with this..

Your Optimal Training Paces

Endurance Workouts Pace/Mi
Recovery Jogs 10:54 to 11:24
Long Runs 9:54 to 10:54
Easy Runs 9:54 to 10:24
Stamina Workouts Pace/Mi
Steady-State Runs 8:55 to 9:10
Tempo Runs 8:32 to 8:55
Tempo Intervals 8:25 to 8:43

Now, I don’t have a problem with the endurance workouts, that seems to fit my pace quite well… BUT the stamina workouts ??? Not sure that I have consistently run at these speeds for quite a while (if ever) so the next stage is to put all this data in and come up with a very cunning training plan…. so watch this space !

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  1. The intervals pace looks very achievable, you should be getting a decent recovery between reps, so basically it’s a start-stop run (like run-walk only faster and slower).

    You should be out of breath running at the pace, and then pretty much fully recovered before starting the next one.

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