My love/hate relationship with the Brooks 10k

Well, yesterday was the Brooks Brighton 10k.

I have a love/hate relationship with this race….

I think it will always be a bit special because it was the first ever 10k that I ran, this year was the third year that I ran it.

The things it has going in its favour are:

1. It is local
2. It is flat

But, I always find it hard running races where you have to run back past the finish line part way through the race, I also don’t enjoy out and back races…… Especially when you are running more or less a straight line in each direction, it just seems to take forever to get there !

With nearly 3,000 people it is quite a busy race, but that is fun. I guess the biggest thing wrong with it is me, I just don’t enjoy running 10k as much as I do a half marathon, especially if it is off road. For a 10k you know you need to pick the pace up a bit and I hate that lung burning feeling you get…. and I always end up feeling sick for the last couple of miles, trying not to throw up can be quite hard work at times !

I also lack the killer racing instinct, I’m quite happy to move over and let other people through… and if I’m finding it really hard work I’m more inclined to slow down a bit rather than keep pushing as hard as I can, you see I want to enjoy every run that I do 🙂

Yesterday, knowing I hadn’t done the training needed, I went out with the aim of keeping a more comfortable pace…. The weather was perfect, dry, sunny, not too hot and not windy…. I met up with a group of running friends (they deserve their own post) and enjoyed it.

The result, 52:58, just a bit slower than my PB of 52:25 so I was quite happy with that. What it does tell me is that I have managed to maintain my fitness level on a fraction of the running I had been planning.

So, that was the last race that I have planned before the Brighton Marathon next year. I’m sure there will be others but I have nothing in the diary at the moment.

I’ll keep running, and smiling and enjoying life. It is precious.

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