Some people take their children to the park…

Some people take their children to the park. I take mine to run up and down hills and through icy cold water…. And it is FUN !

On Sunday we took part in Hell Runner. I must admit I was quite apprehensive before the start, especially after seeing some of the water features but I loved every minute of it.

It was ideal running weather, dry, sunny and quite cool. I knew it would be an “interesting” run but I didn’t realise quite how many hills could be fitted in to the distance. Some you could run up and down others you were scrambling up on your hands and knees and sliding down on your bum.

For some of it I was out of my depth in muddy water, it wasn’t just a quick splash in and out either.. It went on long enough to tire you out…. Followed by yet more hills and scrambling down sandy banks into a chest deep lake….

Did I say this was fun ??

Holly and I ran this together, I wasn’t out racing anyone, I just wanted to enjoy it…..

Today I have a few bruises (the biggest from a submerged log colliding with my shin) and ache in places that I didn’t think I would, mainly from pulling myself up and out of things..

Would I do it again ? Yes !

Anyway, here are a few photos from yesterday..

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