Race pace….

I have been working put the pace I need to run at to achieve my target 10k times….

To complete it in under 55 mins I need to run at 8:50 per mile… To achieve a time of 50 mins I need to run at 8:02 per mile….. And that is for the whole 6.2 miles !

It is fair to say I am nowhere near this at the moment…. Earlier this week I ran a whole mile at 8:36 per mile… But that was just one mile within the run so I need to concentrate on upping my speed rather than increasing my distance over the next month.

Can I do this before the Bupa London 10k on the 30th May ? Now that I’m not sure about… I hope to be able to get close to the 55 mins but 50 mins ?? At the moment that seems a tall order.

I’m out running with the club tonight and have a long run planned for Saturday. Next week I’m going to try running half mile splits and running the fast halves at something between the 55 min and 50 min pace….

I’ll let you know how I get on 🙂

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