Rain and rabbits

I think it is fair to say the last week has been interesting, a bit of a mix of ups and downs.

After having to stop and walk on my last long run I seriously doubted my ability to complete the marathon and if I’m honest that really upset me. I have been gearing my training around this one race for months and suddenly, with a few weeks training left, to think that I may not be able to run it was quite a blow.

But, after sleeping on it I revised my training plan. I think I was trying to train too hard. I went back to the plan in the book the non-runners marathon trainer and I will be following that until the marathon and trying to resist the temptation to do just that bit more…..

The problem with my knee ? Well, I think that is a muscular problem in my leg. My knee is not swollen and when I’m not running it doesn’t hurt. So, Tuesday I went out for a very short 2.5 mile run, quite slowly to see how it felt…. And all the time I keep the speed down it is fine. I went out for a 7 mile run on Wednesday and then out with the club on Thursday. At the end of Thursday I could feel it again but that was self inflicted…. I just couldn’t help “racing” Matt at one point 🙂 and yes, it made my knee hurt so I know it is speed related.

I have spent my evenings this week stretching and using the dreaded foam roller and it does seem to have helped so on Saturday I went out for a long run on my own.

Looking at the forecast I did hope that the weather was going to be better than it was…

I also took the opportunity to try running almost immediately after eating breakfast. Up until now I have always left about two hours between eating and running. This means that to be out by 8:30am I have to be eating about 6:30am… So, I set the alarm for 6:30am but made sure I was out of the door as soon after 7am as I could.

I kept the pace right down, at least a minute a mile slower than normal and set off. In the rain.

It was one of those mornings that just has that fine soaking rain and the visibility isn’t wonderful. But it felt so good to be out and running !

For quite a bit of the run all I saw was rabbits… I think most sensible people were still tucked up in bed 🙂

I ran a total of 16 miles, I stopped and walked to drink to make sure I did drink enough….

At the end of it I could feel that my leg still wasn’t quite right but it felt so much better than the previous week.

I am planning on continuing to run the long runs on my own. I quite enjoy it. I can run it at my pace without feeling that I am slowing anyone down or trying to keep up with a group.

I also re-read part of the book I have been using as a training plan…. One thing in there struck a real chord with me… To run easier not harder… And that I am doing this because I WANT to not because I HAVE to….

So here’s to rain and rabbits 🙂

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