Sweet dreams are made of these…. (or not in my case !)

I’ve always had very vivid and at some times quite nasty dreams and I have always wondered how these affect my sleep patterns…

After reading an article on sleep patterns on the BBC website I thought I would monitor my heart rate overnight to see what happens as I dream.

Last night was a fairly “normal” night dream wise for me with some very vivid dreams. It was also another morning when I wake up still feeling tired and not really that rested……

This is the heart rate data (you will need to click on the view details to see it).

I’m going to start using some relaxation techniques before I go to bed and see if it changes my sleeping heart rate pattern… My max heart rate is about 180 so I’m peaking at about half that just while I’m sleeping ! My minimum resting heart rate when I sit somewhere quiet on my own is 48….

I also don’t know how accurate the calorie use is but to use 277 calories whilst sleeping isn’t too bad 🙂

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