Not long now !

It really isn’t long now until the Brighton Marathon and I’m staring to feel nervous.

It didn’t help that my IT Band problems started to re-appear on my last 14 mile run. Not something that I need at the moment. So far I have done most of my training wearing Brooks Ravenna trainers. I bought them quite cheaply at Christmas at the same time as buying a pair of Brooks GTS 12’s…..

Last year I did all my training and ran the whole year in the Brooks GTS 11’s. Last year I had real problems with my IT Band, several physio sessions and it was “niggling” for the whole year.

Since Christmas and changing trainers it had gone away. that is until my last 2 long runs when I switched back to the GTS 12’s that I had been keeping “fresh” for the marathon.

I’m not sure if this is coincidence but it isn’t a chance I want to take so I will be running in the Brooks Ravennas, I think they still have enough life in them, but I have been taking it easy to let my knee stand a bit of a chance.

So, this week I have a todo list :

1. Make sure I stretch EVERY DAY – especially the stretches for my IT Band
2. Iron my name on to my charity shirt
3. Pack bag for Sunday – this year remembering recovery drink  & crisps.
4. Make sure I have some early nights
5. Eat sensibly.

So, I’m not sure if I will update this blog again before Sunday. Wish me luck !

If you want to track my progress on the day you can download the Brighton Marathon App for your iPhone and search for me (Lisa Beaney); you will then be able to see how I get on.

Here’s hoping the wind drops and the temperature rises 🙂

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