Running around….

Well, I spent last week touring Ireland for work… lots of driving, talking, drinking tea and meeting people.

I did manage to fit in a short run on the outskirts of a very snowy Dublin. One thing I love about running is that I get out and see places that I would never go to otherwise. If I can find a free hour I can go for a run. I used google maps to find a park nearby along the edge of the Liffey, set my alarm for a bit earlier and went for a run…

I must admit that I felt much better for it. It made me realise how much I love just being outside and running. It doesn’t matter if it is in the town or the country there is just something lovely about being outside and running.

It is less than two weeks now until the marathon and the nerves are starting to kick in a bit. This one will be quite different form last year, my goal is to finish this marathon with Holly and when you are not going for a personal best it does make you look at it differently. This one is all about having fun and making sure Holly enjoys it. Yes, it will be hard work, we will ache the next day and may have blisters but completing a marathon is one hell of an achievement. Holly is only 21, she has plenty of time ahead of her to improve her time if she wants to or to try other races. If it stays fun then it is worth doing 🙂

Anyway, these are a couple of the photos that I took on my run in Ireland.

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