Taper madness….

Well, the time has come for me to start reducing the mileage before the marathon….. It is that time when all the doubts start to creep in. I feel that I should carry on running further for longer, that I haven’t done enough training, or run fast enough….

But this year I have an advantage. I have run a marathon before so I know that I can do it. I also have last years training to look back at and compare. This year I have run more long runs and they have been longer…. I have run more miles in training and I haven’t had the IT band issues that I had last year.

The doubts are still there, 26.2 miles is a long way….. But this year my doubts are different. It isn’t can I do it but more how hard is it going to feel.

My biggest fear is the weather. So far all our long runs have been in bad weather and the hardest part is wind. We have run in 30mph + winds and running head in to it is not fun or easy, especially when the rain is stinging your face. How I will cope with 26.2 miles of that I really don’t know.

3 weeks on Sunday is marathon day and the weather this weekend is pretty bad again. This time last year I was getting sun burnt. So, I guess anything could happen in the next three weeks…..

So, if you believe in a God please can you ask them for no wind. I will settle for that, I don’t mind the rain (not too hot would be good though !).

Thank you x

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