Week 1 – Done !

Well that is the first week of marathon training completed…. The “Plan” said 25 miles, I ended up running 29.58…. This was mainly due to me deciding to run home (5.5 miles) and the group training run of 7.5 miles this morning. So, this is a break down of what was planned and what I actually did (actual distance in brackets):

Monday – 2.5 (2.48)
Tuesday – 5 (6.01)
Wednesday – 3 (0)
Thursday – 4 (2.92 recorded on my Garmin but I forgot to start it on one lap… So closer to 4)
Friday – 2.5 (5.18)
Saturday – 0 (0)
Sunday – 8 (13.09)

So, all in all not a bad week.

One thing I did find out this week is that my nice white Nike t-shirt really is see through when wet ! Quite glad I had a high vis jacket on top….

I am also quite glad I have started a couple of weeks early, I know I’m going to be missing some weeks so this does help a bit…

Next week I know I’m going to miss Mondays easy run. One thing I like about my plan is that it is ok to skip the Monday and Friday runs if either I just can’t make it or if I need some extra rest. I’m now thinking ahead about Christmas, not necessarily the shopping but how to fit some running in ! (Am I becoming obsessive ??)

I met someone this morning who had been training for the Brighton Marathon last year until she injured herself in training in January. She went along to watch the marathon and said it was one of the most bitter sweet things she had ever done and gave her the added incentive to try again… I that come the end of march/ beginning of April I’m going to become a bit paranoid about injury, I can only imagine how heart breaking it must be to but so much work in to the training only to miss out at the last hurdle…

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